Information Exchange

InfoTriangleInformation Aptitude

Newspaper readership (per 1000 inhabitants)

Literacy rate

Students completing the tertiary level

Math, science, engineering students (%)

English as primary language for business

Information Infrastructure

PCs in residential use (per 1000)

Number of independent newspapers per capita

Cable TV households (per 1000)

Satellite TV coverage

Telephone quality

Price international phone calls (3 minutes)

Information Distribution

Annual Visitor To Population Ratio

Replaced Books Published Annually – September 2003

Radio / TV Broadcast Service (per 100,000)

Replaced Radio Ownership – September 2003

TV ownership (per 1000)

Telephone mainlines (per 1000)

Cellular phones (per 1000)

Government IT expenditures (% of GDP)

Press Freedom Index

Internet hosts (per 10,000)

Telephones (per 1000)

Internet users (% of population)