Investment Strategies

The Global Horizon Fund will seek to establish and invest in existing In Country Funds in regions and countries exhibiting trends and policies favorable to its objectives.  These trends and policies may include:

  • Privatization and deregulation – In some developing markets, government control and ownership is yielding to deregulation and privatization. These trends increase economic efficiency and open up new industries for investment.
  • Economic Reform – Many countries have embarked on structural economic reform programs, including tariff and tax reduction, liberalization of foreign investment laws.
  • Increased investments by strategic investors – Companies in developing markets are often attractive investment targets for larger companies that are in similar or complementary industries and desire a local presence, such as distribution or production assets.
  • Ability to influence social, political or economic situation Given the urgency of certain developing countries and the scale of current foreign investment in such countries, the Global Horizon Fund may be able to have an influence on the region or country’s economic situation or investment culture.
  • Need for private equity capital and expertise – The increased rationalization, consolidation and competition in some developing markets may stimulate the need for private equity capital and expertise.
  • Availability of local assistance The Global Horizon Fund will seek to establish and invest in In Country Funds in regions or countries with local governments willing to provide financial and non-financial assistance to the activities of the Global Horizon Fund, including allocation of supplementary local funds as well as providing regulatory and advisory input regarding regional or country wide structural changes to stimulate an investment economy.