Crocker Snow, Founder of the Money Matters Institute during the UN’s World Social Summit in Copenhagen in March 1995, Snow has directed Institute activities since then, including the development of the Global Horizon Fund. As an international journalist, he was the first president of World Times, Inc. and Editor in Chief of The WorldPaperfrom l979-2001. Snow previously lived in Japan for six years, reported from Vietnam for The Boston Globe and from Europe for Deutsche Welle and WGBH. He has an extensive global network of journalists, publishers, bankers, diplomats and politicians. Prior to founding World Times, Snow was national editor of The Boston Globe.Snow is a board member of the International Honors Program, the Jefferson Awards for Public Service, the United Nations Association of Greater Boston and the Fundacion para un Nuevo Periodismo in Cartagena, Colombia. He is also a member of the Brain Trust of the Evian Group of Lausanne (Switzerland), the Editorial Committee of the Development Gateway in Washington and was a designated business interlocutor of the UN’s 2002 “Financing for Development” conference. He holds and A.B. from Harvard College and an M.A. from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.
Nicholas SullivanExecutive Executive Director of Money Matters Institute, Sullivan compiled and presented the expanded Wealth of Nations Triangle Index at the International Conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey, Mexico, where he was a UN-accredited business interlocutor. He has been involved with the Global Horizon Fund since its inception, working with State Street Corp. to develop research to identify target countries.Sullivan has spent more than 20 years in business magazine publishing, focusing on the nexus between technology and entrepreneurship. Previously, he was VP/Editor in Chief at (Bertelsmann) and VP/Editor in Chief at the Scholastic SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) Group, publisher of Home Office Computing magazine. He was also director of SOHO Custom Publishing, catering to Fortune 500 telecom clients, chair of the Inc./Cisco Growing with Technology Awards, chair of the Inc. E-Strategies conference, and judge for the US West New Ventures Seed Capital Competition ($100,000 prize money). He is the author ofComputer Power for Your Small Business (Random House) and for 10 years wrote the Workstyles column (“life and work in the information age”) for Home Office Computing. Sullivan received an A.B. from Harvard College and an M.A. from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.