Wealth Of Nations Index

The Wealth of Nations Triangle Index, recalculated twice a year since 1996, is built on the premise that sustainable growth is dependent on balance. Thus, Economic Environment, Social Environment, and Information Exchange variables make up equal legs of an equilateral triangle.

Each leg contains 21 variables, chosen for both their relevancy and consistency over the years. Each variable is given equal weighting, based on a desire for simplicity, transparency, and balance among the three legs.

For each variable, raw data is converted into an Index score from 0 to 100, with 0 representing the worst performance against all other nations and 100 the best performance. Index scores are combined for each leg and then totaled. The best possible score for each triangle is 800; the best possible overall score is 2400.

When computing Index scores, results from five developed nations (Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, and United States) are included, as the goal is to measure the relative gains of developing nations against the benchmark of developed nations.